Everything you need to know about soft enamel pins

A lot of people are actually confused by the name and you might be too, but when you actually buy the soft enamel pins and feel them in your hands, then you will realize that there’s actually nothing ‘soft’ about these soft enamel pins. The name is actually very misleading and it is simply a term that has been given to it by the industry to define the finished product. Out of all the other options available in the market, soft enamel pins are actually one of the best ways of creating lapel pins of your own, without going horribly overboard the budget.

But what exactly are soft enamel pins?

You might not know this but actually most of the lapel pins that are being used and worn in today’s day and age are actually the softest enamel type of lapel pins. A lot of benefits can be availed by using soft enamel pins. The benefits might be more or less similar to the benefits that can be availed from cloisonné enamel pins. One of the biggest benefits of soft enamel pins and main reason of their popularity is their immensely great value and their textured surface.

Soft enamel pins are actually one of the single most popular choices for custom lapel pins because they are a product that looks excellent and actually these pins costly slightly lesser than cloisonné lapel pins and even imitation enamel lapel pins. The soft enamel pin quote is actually very affordable and this means that these pins are actually one of the least expensive type of pins. The soft enamel pins are actually considered very good for most pin needs and they are considered to be an excellent option for trading pins as well as school and non-profit organizations.

How exactly are soft enamel pins made?

For creating soft enamel pins, actually what happens is that a mold is first die struck and then enamel colors are filled into the recessed areas of the mold. What happens later is that each and every soft enamel pin is further fired at temperatures nearing 450 degrees. Later, an optional epoxy costing is applied as a preventative measure and this protects the colors from both fading as well as cracking. This is actually one of the finest ways of ensuring that your lapel pins look their best for many years to come. Soft enamel pins can actually have a wide number of platings, right from gold to silver to nickel. Another key benefit of soft enamel pins is that they are also rugged as well as versatile. But perhaps the single biggest benefit of soft enamel pins which makes them so popular and extensively used in different scenarios and settings is the fact that the soft enamel pin quote is actually very economical and affordable.

What exactly are the reasons for the soaring popularity of soft enamel pins?

The thing about soft enamel pins is that they offer a lot of options for innovation and this means that both brass and copper stamped is possible when it comes to soft enamel pins. Custom soft enamel pins are better than other types of enamel pins in the sense that they use a lot more richer enamel colors than cloisonné pins and are actually cheaper than cloisonné pins because the soft enamel pin quote is actually very affordable. The soft enamel pin quote is not just affordable, it is actually the lowest which means that it costs lower than all other different types of pins.

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