Get A Customizable Platform To Launch an eCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace

Do you have a dream of incorporating a multi vendor marketplace for your ecommerce stores?

Multi vendor ecommerce marketplaces frequently help the merchant to convert the ecommerce store into entire marketplaces by showcasing the various brands at a single place.

Based on your business trends it doesn’t matter, sometimes it is crucial to give a seamless and shopping experience to your customers. This can be possible to solve by providing multiple categories on store, sold by multiple vendors.

What is Multi-vendor Marketplace?

Multi vendor marketplace is an ecommerce platform, sellers can register and list their products on your platform.

First, select best multi vendor marketplace platform, that you need to analyze and which suits your business needs.

It is simple to create a store and sell products to customers, between the 2 entities of merchants and buyers. But it is not the case that online marketplace is entirely different methods, they need to focus on multiple entities like sellers, buyers, merchants and more.

Business model of Multi vendor Marketplace Platform 

If you have a plan to build a marketplace similar to amazon or eBay, you have to focus on your niche. Always remember a perfect business model will grow business prosperously.

Sign-up fees – A sign-up fee is one of the most prominent marketplace business models. It collects some payment from the sellers to sell their products on marketplace platforms.

Product listing fee: In this, you have a substantial amount. For example, Esty will charge around $0.02 product listing on each one, listing still pending or sold, Seller has to pay with an extra charge to stay active.

Transaction fees: For every transaction setup, fees have been made. For example, sellers use the Esty payment process, it will be a 3% + $0.025 processing charge taken.

Advertising: There are many sellers, to bring more customers attention is their main goal. Marketing tools are available to promote products with fee charges on categories.

Memberships: It is a completely paid one. It provides numerous benefits for members like a free shipping system, etc.

How To Launch An eCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace

Zielcommerce  is one of the leading multi vendor marketplace software that helps you to convert your store into a multi-seller marketplace. In simplest way with multi vendor marketplaces extension for your ecommerce business.

This platform is full-fledged customization and multiple functionalities with good user experience. Zielcommerce multi vendor marketplace platform enables you to bring more customers to your site with its enchanting features.

Why choose Zielcommerce?

  • Without coding skills required
  • To get started an online eCommerce business is very easier
  • No to hire developers for adding the codes to your online store a
  • It is a ready-made solution just you have to connect to the internet and bring your store online.
  • A completed customization
  • User-friendly
  • 24/7 customer support.

Features Of Zielcommerce Multi vendor Marketplace 

  • It is one-time payment system
  • A customizable can be done based on your business needs.
  • Commission settings
  • Well-structured mobile app
  • Easy products listing facilities
  • Notification alert
  • Multi-language and currency
  • Integrated payment gateway


Zielcommerce is the easiest way to launch powerful and scalable multi vendor marketplace platforms. The responsive technology is fitted with features and capabilities that are highly success-critical.


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