5 Free And Low-Cost Online Reputation Management Tools

Do you want to measure your brand reputation online? Or want to monitor your brand reputation over the web?

Whatever it may be, picking tools online can ease out your work to a great extent. Using the tools you can easily track every step or activity, determine the past performance and compare, monitor different platforms just by logging into the dashboard, share results, spy on competitor behavior, get insights into the customer behavior, and many more.

Tons of online reputation monitoring and management tools are used by reputation management companies. The tools trim down the reputation management cost and allow every marketer, irrespective of their business size, to enhance their reputation score with no regret.

Let us find out the free and low-cost ORM tools that marketers usually prefer.

5 Free and low-cost online reputation management tools to prefer

  1. Talkwalker: Talkwalker is a free social search and management tool that allows users to get an insight into their brand performance on social media. Apart from social channels, you can even make this effective for your blogs, forums, and review generating sites.

    Using this tool, you can identify the sentiment of people towards your brand, products, and services. You can monitor the conversation made on social posts, tweets, and articles, helping to build a good relationship between the customers and business.

    Talkwalker has recently added a new feature for determining video analytics. If you have chosen video marketing for your brand, you can easily analyze the videos and monitor its performance across the web. This makes the video marketing process robust. From improving the campaign engagement by 50% to managing reputation crisis and tracking the business ROI, you can attain many leverages from this tool.

  2. Go Fish Digital: Go Fish Digital is a complaint search tool that allows users to collect all the complaints made over the web in one dashboard. You don’t need to visit different pages where complaints are made. With this tool, you can find all your complaints in one place.
    With Go Fish Digital, you can perform a search of over 40 sites for your negative reviews. The best thing about this tool is you can secure your brand image no matter how bad the reviews are. This handy tool makes the entire process easier and pocket-friendly.

    Collect all your negative reviews, diminish them, and improve your brand reputation now.  

  3. Google Alerts: Google Alerts is another absolutely free tool to serve your business for reputation purposes. Though you can’t meet your social needs with this tool, you can definitely rely on it to monitor your blog sites and forum sites.
    Whenever a new brand mention is added on a news article site or blogging site, an email alert is sent to the user, notifying about the new addition. Use your keywords to set up an alert via email. And Google will notify you when it finds some new results.

    Google Alerts is simple and so your business. Just use this pocket-friendly tool and manage your reputation online.

  4. KnowEm: Are you looking for a brand protection tool? Nothing can be better than your KnowEm tool. It secures the brand across all social media platforms. You can even call this a social media monitoring tool, as it browses different social channels and protects the brand from absurd activities.
    With KnowEm, you can get an instant overview of all your social accounts. It contains a dashboard that every user can use to keep track of everything. The exciting thing about this tool is you can use this to monitor over 500social media sites. Isn’t this amazing?
  5. IFTT: Another amazing tool is “If This Then That”. It is as amazing as its name. No great techniques are needed to use this application. Just you need to get your hands on the basic principle.
    According to the principle, choosing a channel should trigger something on another channel. For example, if you choose Facebook to like a picture, the picture will be sent to the Dropbox-action.

    Apart from this, you can use IFTT to monitor different websites including your Wikipedia pages.


The Bottom Line

The above-mentioned ORM tools are cost-effective. However, if you have a good budget and want to attain a fine bottom line, you can look for the premium versions of these tools or maybe some different tools that are in the market.

Managing brand reputation is very essential if you want your business to attain heights. Just make a proper strategy, apply it, and monitor it for better outcomes.

Find the best reputation management company and hire ORM experts.

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