How to Find Process Servers in Order to Serve Someone?

Process serving occurs when someone—not you or anyone else listed on this case—delivers a copy of your court documents to the person, company, or government entity you are suing. It’s about finding them, providing them the papers, and getting proof that the papers were served. It’s about letting them know and then informing the court that they were informed.

This post is about finding someone to serve them. It is not always easy. When you sue someone, you use his or her legal name and address to file your lawsuit. If you do not already have this information, it is often simple to obtain it by reviewing any documentation you may have regarding the legal dispute. However, when this information is not readily accessible to you, here are some methods for locating someone. Remember you can always hire a process serving companies to handle this!

Send Papers to The Last Known Address

Send a letter to the individual’s last known address. Put “Return Service Requested” under your return address. Please do not forward.” If the person requesting a change of address with the post office, you will get the envelope with a new address. More information can be obtained from the United States Postal Service External link icon.

Check with Nearest Post Office

Go to the nearest post office and look up the person’s last known address. Inquire whether the sender left a forwarding address.

Call “411”

Call “411” for the city or towns where you believe the individual may reside or work. If the individual is identified, you may be able to get his or her address. Alternatively, you may only receive the phone number, but you will use the phone number to try other methods to get the address.

Search Online

Look through free online phone directories. You should try to find the person using an Internet search. Some Internet searches are free, and if the person’s phone number or address is indicated, you can obtain it. Check the websites that search for people. You can pay a small fee to an Internet service provider to get the address or phone number of the person you’re looking for. Make sure you are not breaking any of the state laws.

Look for social networking sites. You should search popular social networking sites, where people often list their name, location, and possibly other information that may be useful to you. Alternatively, if you believe they will cooperate with you and provide you with information so that you can serve them with legal documents, you may be able to email them via the social networking site.

Check Reverse Phone Directory

If you only have the person’s phone number, you can get the address from a reverse telephone directory, which allows you to search by phone number to get the name and address of the subscriber for that phone number. However, if the phone number is not mentioned, the address and name would not appear in the reverse directory.

Simply Google “reverse phone directory.” You can also use an internet reverse phone directory. There are many of them out there. You can also browse through a reverse telephone directory at your public library’s main branch.

Reach Out to Their Friends and Family

Contact any of the person’s family or friends for more information. Call, write, or e-mail them and ask if they have a contact number for him or her. You can also contact any of the person’s previous jobs for information.

Inquire with the person’s last known employer (or even previous employers) if they have any information about his or her whereabouts, even if it’s just a city where he or she may have moved or the name and address of the new employer.

If the person you’re looking for owns any property, look through property records. Be inventive!!

Hire A Professional Agency

Whether you are looking to expedite secretary of state filing or process serving for a divorce case, hire a well-reputed process serving agency. They have got the resources and methods to find people. In the cases they can’t reach the person, they know the alternatives for your best interests.


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