6 Tips to Create an Exceptional Government Website

A successful government website will put the user first. All websites do this, but when it comes to the government – every contact point of the voter is important. It is especially important to ensure that visitors have a good experience. Sometimes a website can be the only interaction between the community and your office. Users visiting the site will have a certain expectation about functionality and experience based on other websites they visit regularly. A bad user experience will make visitors feel frustrated and may have poor response to your organization.

So, it’s important that you create a user-friendly website for your government organization. Follow the tips mentioned below to create the best government websites.


1. Establish a Clear Goal

Before making a big change or start building a new website, you must first clearly define what you want your website to achieve. If there is no clear goal, the content will not be concentrated, which may lead to poor user experience. Do you just want to provide information to tourists? Do you want to repeat your content? Ask yourself how you want visitors use your website, and what you want them to learn. When you develop your website, you have to remember these goals.


2. Include Sitemap

A Sitemap is a list of pages that help Google and other search engines to crawl your website. This is a quick, easy-to-track website overview, providing text links to each page, showing users and webpages, where they can go. Site Map is important for search engine optimization (SEO). Using keyword phrases on your site map will help you rank higher on your website in your search results.


3. Response Design

Mobile phone use is increasing every year, and most people who visit the Internet today do that using some smart mobile device rather than using desktop computers. A response design simply means that your site needs to look good and run on any device. In a Response Website, all texts are automatically resized and repositioned, so that the links and buttons are large enough, you can click on the content’s reordering. So, there is a consistent experience, no matter where they or where to access it.


4. Include Relevant Information

The best government websites are the preferred source of information for the community, and you can help them by creating very useful and related content. Take a closer look at the type of information they want to get from you. This is where you can start exploring content ideas. For example, a community calendar updated through a meeting or other related community activity. Or a common problem solution that helps to explain the new infrastructure improvement in the community.


5. Comply With Federal Laws

Your website must comply with all relevant federal laws, policies and regulations. These situations may change frequently and almost no attention is needed. Be sure to review the federal authorization of government websites regularly to ensure that your institution will not unintentionally violate current policies.


6. Including Language Change Capabilities

You may have a community population for whom English is not a native language. A successful government website should realize the usefulness of language changes and presenting content in a language of the user. This is a simple software program that can be used for almost any language in the world, and if needed, you can use several languages.


These are the factors you need to keep in mind when creating a government website. The best government websites should follow the simple rule of being user-friendly and conveying the most relevant information to the community that makes them successful.

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